How to Protect Yourself

Things you can do to prevent disease include:
Wear repellent - Look for one that contains DEET, Picaridin, IR 3535, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.  These are the ONLY active ingredients recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.  If you are outside for prolonged periods, choose a product with a higher amount of active ingredient.  Minimize outdoor activity during peak biting hours (early morning and evening).
Remove or modify all objects holding water - Empty and store buckets, toys, tarps, and garden equipment.  Drill holes in yard debris containers so they don't collect water. 
Treat Water you Can't Drain - Use Bti Mosquito Dunks in birdbaths, rain barrels, and flooded areas that cannot be drained. These are available at local home improvement stores and hardware stores.  This is a naturally occuring bacterium that kills only mosquito larvae and is non-toxic to fish, pets, birds, and children. 

Mosquito Management in The Woodlands

Mosquito Management in the Woodlands used a step-by-step approach endorsed by Centers for Disease Control, Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Mosquito Control Association employs: 

  1. Surveillance by sampling—trapping and testing mosquitoes for disease. 
  2. Reduction of mosquito breeding sites. 
  3. Biological controls.  
  4. Chemical treatment when disease is present 
  5. Public education to advise of personal protective measures.
The Woodlands Township provides ongoing surveillance through placement of Mosquito traps throughout the community.  When disease is identified in the mosquito population Montgomery County (precinct 3 for Panther Creek) applies biological controls and/or chemical treatments according to their respective program protocols.
For more information about the county's program see

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